Air – Vacuum Machine

Low tire pressure causes extra wear on tires and can significantly reduce gas mileage. Our air and vacuum machines provide an excellent service to your customers by allowing them to use coins or Credit/Debit cards to keep their tires aired up and their car vacuumed clean. The LED displays do more than light up the area for your customer; they also help bring customers in by drawing their attention at night.

Customers Everywhere Love Max Cash Air and Vacuum Machines – Provided FREE to You

Almost everybody needs to adjust the air in their auto tires. A functional Air and Vacuum Machine gets used over and over all day and night. Customers stand in line two and three at a time to use it. Especially when it’s one of our Air and Vacuum Machines that is correctly installed, continuously maintained, and provides extra functions like automatic air pressure monitoring. Plus, our Air and Vacuum Machines include a handy vacuum that can be used to clean cars while inflating their car tires. Customers love it!

Now you can have state of the art Max Cash Air and Vacuum Machine at your gas station, C Store, retail location, or other high traffic facilities. Everyone in your neighborhood is looking for services like this. If you’re on a high traffic street or highway, you can pull in customers from all over your region and beyond.

Why spend massive amounts of budget on advertising when a well-placed Air and Vacuum Machine can bring in almost limitless new customers? It’s a service your existing customers will also appreciate. Get more sales more often from customers who stop in to use the Air and Vacuum Machine, then stay to buy gas, groceries, treats, and other items.

Our Air Machines Include:
  • Easy to read instructions in both English and Spanish
  • Step by step drawings that instantly illustrate proper use
  • Choice of credit card, debit card, or cash payment
  • Automatic pressure monitoring ensures correct tire pressure
  • Continuously maintained for appropriate, flawless function

These machines work by themselves requiring no assistance or maintenance from you or your staff. This is a significant customer convenience that keeps them coming back. Higher income is often the result of established customers who return more often to initiate more significant purchases.

We use high impact lighted signage that makes your Air Machine easy to spot. It is one of the most attractive air machines on the market. Customers just naturally want to use it and will choose yours over others offered in the area. This machine features a sleek stainless steel body and is securely bolted to the ground or other stable structure.

And yes, we’ve thought of everything. We use secure money vaults encased in cement and steel. Each machine is equipped with a modern wireless monitoring system that provides a daily status report on cash amounts, service, and performance. We are ready to provide maintenance, service, and repair whenever needed.

Your air machine will always function properly and won’t be one of the many non-functional or partially functional machines found elsewhere.

Contact MaxCash NOW for your no-obligation, no-cost discussion of placing an Air Machine at your location or locations. We can answer all your questions and provide expert insight into operation and expectations.

We provide the machine, all installation, operation, and maintenance. We even cover the machine under our insurance, so you don’t have to worry about it. It’s the win-win you need to enhance your business while improving sales. Call now, and we will get you started.