ATM Placement – Free Full-Service Program

We Provide ATM Service for Your Business with FREE Placement and Maintenance

Get an ATM installed in your location at no cost to you. We split profits with you in a generous arrangement. You make money while your customers get a valuable service that draws many more people to your location.

You have a busy, high traffic location with many customers who require lots of cash. Offering a state of the art ATM Machine will be very popular. Word will quickly get around that people can quickly and easily get the cash they want.

Now your customers have pockets full of cash. They buy more with more expensive purchases. This can significantly expand your revenues. All with an ATM Machine that is placed and maintained at no cost to you.

We Provide All the Equipment – And Do All The Work

We provide your ATM Machine and fully install it at no cost to you. We manage EVERYTHING related to it. We pay you some of the ATM’s surcharge revenue every month. Our experienced technician handles all the networking, so your machine is appropriately monitored and works flawlessly and reliably. We also keep your machine filled with money, so you never have to worry about it.

This is the easy way to provide an in-demand service your customers want. Customers tell a friend you have a great ATM and word quickly spreads. Soon you are seeing lots of new faces in your store, using the ATM, and spending their cash with you.

This is the perfect ATM arrangement for C Stores, gas stations, university campuses, retail locations, strip malls, and much more. If you have lots of traffic that need cash, our ATM Machine program is the win-win you’ve been looking for.

  • We buy an ATM or place one of the premium models we own
  • Install the ATM securely by bolting to the floor or another arrangement
  • Our experienced technician sets up ATM transaction processing
  • Our attendants load it with cash to keep it continuously supplied, no matter how busy your location
  • We monitor and provide any maintenance or repair your ATM needs
  • Your machine is covered under our insurance. Does not add to your insurance costs
  • Our team is available around the clock, every day of the week to answer questions and quickly solve problems
  • You benefit from profit sharing that increases your income every month

We also handle any customer disputes that arise from the use of the ATM. Very simply, you get the benefit of an ATM at your location with NONE of the work or expense. Your ATM will attract lots of new customers, keep existing customers coming back while spending more, and you benefit from profit sharing that puts income in your pocket every month.

Contact MaxCash NOW for your no-obligation, no-cost discussion on putting our high-quality ATM Machine at your location or locations. We will answer all your questions and help make the process as easy as possible.