Mobile ATM for Events

Mobile ATM for Events

Non-bank ATM provider Max Cash can satisfy the demand for easy access to cash at trade shows, festivals, and other events with a mobile ATM.

ATM Service Provider in Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma

Max Cash is an independent ATM provider operating in Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Its full-service program provides a costless solution for event hosts in need of mobile ATMs.

When attendees withdraw money from an ATM at an event, they usually spend that money at the event. Max Cash’s mobile ATM satisfies a need for vendors at concerts, stadium events, auto shows, and other events which only accept cash.


Mobile ATM can add revenue for event organizers

Placement of a Max Cash mobile ATM can also add another revenue stream for events. The mobile ATM provider offers a profit-sharing agreement that means its customers get a share of the profit gained through surcharges that ATM users pay. That means event hosts not only have a cost-free solution to providing access to cash but one that makes them a profit as well.

The company prides itself in providing well-maintained, clean, and technologically up-to-date ATMs that are compliant with the latest industry standards. It includes factory direct pricing for ATM purchase as well as free ATM placement and cash loading for most businesses with appropriate customer volume. The free ATM placement service includes many convenience stores, hotels, and cash-only retail stores.

Max Cash can provide all the equipment needed for events and fully install it at no cost. Experienced technicians handle networking and related tasks so the machine remains appropriately monitored and reliable. Attendants keep it loaded with cash and technicians continue available to answer questions and solve any problems that arise. That leaves event hosts free to focus on other tasks.

Max Cash also responds to any customer disputes that arise from the use of its ATMs. The provider covers the machine under its insurance so that it does not add to the event host’s insurance costs.

We strive to make it a win-win for our customers. You get a premium ATM at no cost that lets event goers withdraw cash and spend more. That makes your event goers happy, your vendors happy, and you pleased as well.

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