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Cutting Edge Technology Your Business Needs. Provided and Installed

MaxCash is the reliable provider of state of the art equipment and services your business needs to grow sales and improve profits. We provide in-demand equipment installed and maintained FREE with generous profit sharing arrangements to benefit your business. See our featured products below.

Customer Favorite ATM Machines for Your Business – Placed FREE!

Your customers will love our state of the art ATM Machines. They offer advanced features for smooth transactions, flawless network communication, and reliable, trouble-free operation. We place your machine and take care of the installation.

We handle network connections and related tasks, so you don’t have to worry about it. Then we monitor the machine and return regularly to service and maintain it. Your device will be programmed by an experienced technician to set up ATM transaction processing. We continuously load it with plenty of cash to satisfy customer demand.

This costs you nothing. We provide a profit-sharing agreement that splits machine income between your business and MaxCash. This is a win-win for you and your customers. You get a premium ATM Machine that attracts lots of customers who use the money they draw to buy more items and more significant purchases. All through an ATM arrangement that costs you nothing and does not require more work for you and your team.


Please contact MaxCash today for your no-obligation discussions of providing ATM Machines for your business.

MaxCash Air Machines Bring Drivers to Your Location


How often have you driven all over town looking for an air machine to fill your tires? You go from location to location only to find most of the existing machines aren’t operational, they eat your money without turning on, or are simply disconnected. It’s a constant frustration for customers everywhere.

That’s why our MaxCash Air Machines are such a big hit! We provide excellent state of the art air machines to your location. We install them correctly, then monitor and maintain them. This gives you the superb quality, and very reliable air machines customers quickly come to trust.

Soon your air machines will be a magnet that attracts many more customers. These are perfect for gas stations, C Stores, retail locations, and a variety of businesses.

Our air machines feature auto-calibrated air pressure, so users always get just the right inflation. This relieves significant anxiety many drivers have about under or over-inflating their tires. Your machine quickly becomes the favorite in the area.

We use 24/7 wireless monitoring to ensure your machine is always working correctly. The machine provides explicit instruction in English and Spanish. This eliminates questions your staff must answer while ensuring the air machine is used correctly.

We place our air machines at no cost to you. We also provide the monitoring and maintenance. You derive income from the machines through a profit-sharing agreement with MaxCash. It’s a highly beneficial opportunity for both you and your customers.

Please contact MaxCash today to discuss installing air machines at your location or locations. We look forward to speaking with you and answering all your questions.


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Please contact MaxCash today to discuss installing atm machines at your location or locations.