Snack Vending Machine for your business

We Provide and Install State of the Art Snack Vending Machines at YOUR Location

This is the perfect way to provide delicious and nutritious snacks to your customers and employees. Max Cash is offering these machines set up and ready to use at automotive repair ships, car dealerships, hotels, hospitals, large company break rooms and many more.

A Max Cash Snack Vending Machine is the best way to provide refreshment to your team and clients while earning a nice profit for your business. All with NO investment of your own or responsibility for caring for the machine.

We do it all!

It’s easy!

  1. We provide and install your snack vending machine in a convenient high traffic area. You can bet it’s going to be popular with everyone who works at or visits your location.
  2. We keep your snack machine fully stocked with name brand favorites of your choice. If you have specific favorites you or your employees prefer, we will be happy to add them. Never worry about the machine running low or out of top favorites. We regularly stock it so it’s always ready to serve.
  3. We handle all maintenance. We’ve all seen other snack machines that won’t work or bear an “out of order” sign. Not at Max Cash. Our qualified technicians do regular maintenance and handle all repairs. You get a high quality modern machine with low to no maintenance issues.
  4. You get all the wonderful benefits of having a free and convenient snack vending machine. It keeps your staff energized while being a welcome respite resource for visitors and customers. Many businesses find their employees are more likely to use the machine to augment the lunch they bring from home. This takes far less time than going out to local restaurants. Your employees get back to work faster ready to be productive.
  5. You collect a portion of the profits! Your modern snack machine will almost assuredly be a BIG hit with everyone. This can make a nice income stream for your business.

All we ask is you have enough full time employees and or customers and visitor traffic to buy from a vending machine. In return we will keep your machine stocked with fresh, tasty snacks and treats everyone loves.

Your snack vending machine will have all the modern features. They take cash and cards to help increase sales. They also wirelessly notify our office if an item is running low or your the machine requires maintenance. We even handle customer refunds, complaints, and customer service issues.

This is a far cry from the vending machines of old that often jammed, took money without delivering the product, or had stale, dried out products that should have been removed long ago.

Today’s machines are smooth and reliable. They don’t have near the issues you may have experienced in the past. And with our professional, high qualified service team, your machine will always work well and be filled with fresh, good-for-you snacks and treats.

Nothing could be easier, more satisfying, or as profitable. Please contact Max Cash today about placing snack vending machines at YOUR location.